Why is it called Fitsi?

The name Fitsi was chosen to signify health, fitness and overall wellness – to help patients heal faster and prevent some of the dangers of hospitalization. Fitsi is also a childhood nickname of one of the co-founders, so the name just seemed to fit (pun intended).

What types of things does Fitsi typically hold?

Fitsi can hold a variety of items. Below are the things most often included and why:


Hand sanitizer to make infection prevention easy

With Fitsi, hand sanitizer is always an arm’s reach away making hand hygiene – the number one way to prevent infections – easy and convenient for patients to do without the help of a caregiver.


Storage to prevent loss of patient valuables
Personal items, such as glasses and mobile phones, are crucial to a patient’s comfort and connection to the outside world. These items, however, are often strewn across bedside tables and within the patient's bedding, leaving them susceptible to loss and damage. Fitsi provides a convenient, dedicated storage location for these items.


Exercise band to prevent blood clots
Nearly half of hospitalized patients are at risk for developing blood clots. But nurses have little time to help patients exercise. An exercise band provides patients with the ability to exercise their limbs on their own, reducing the burden on nurses and helping to reduce the risk of these clots.


Patient care essentials to increase comfort
Fitsi sees wellness as a holistic effort, one that includes details that are often overlooked in healthcare settings. Extra-gentle moisturizers, lip balm, and other personal care products are not provided during one’s stay and most patients do not anticipate needing these items in advance. By providing lotion, lip balm, and a comb, Fitsi helps patients to alleviate dry skin and lips and care for their personal upkeep.

Does Fitsi fit on any hospital bed?

Yes, Fitsi’s patented design is flexible enough to attach to all different types of hospital beds. Fitsi also attaches to hospital stretchers and bathroom rails as well as most wheelchairs.

Will Fitsi interfere with healthcare workers moving the bedrails?

No. Fitsi is easily removed and stands upright on any flat surface. Fitsi helps healthcare workers save time and energy.

Why is Fitsi needed when hospitals already have hand sanitizer?

Fitsi makes hand hygiene easily accessible for patients, giving them the ability to clean their hands without the help of a caregiver.

Can Fitsi help prevent patients from falling?

Yes! Too many patients fall trying to access items that are out of reach. Fitsi keeps personal items always within reach and helps prevent falls.



Fitsi can be cleaned with the same wipes that are used to clean the hospital bed and other parts of the patient room. We recommend Clorox Healthcare Multisurface Quat Alcohol Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes. Fitsi is made with MicroBlok S, a silver ion based antimicrobial to prevent the growth of bacteria. Note, if using heat for cleaning Fitsi, the temperature should not exceed the boiling point (212 degrees F/ 100 degrees C). 

Outside of hospitals, where else is Fitsi typically used?

The benefits of Fitsi go well beyond the hospital. Here are some of the many ways it is used:


Home or long term care
Fitsi stands upright on bedside tables making it easy for patients to access while at home or in long term care facilities.


Baby Care
Once home from the hospital, new moms often attach Fitsi to the changing table rail so hand sanitizer and other essentials are quick and easy to find.


Schools, Camps
Fitsi is perfect for dorm rooms, camps and classrooms– attaching easily to bunk beds and placed in common areas. Did you know that when students used hand sanitizer 3x per day the number who missed 4+ days of school due to illness dropped by 66%.


On the Go
Fitsi easily hooks onto the backseat pocket of your car, making it easy to remind kids to keep their hands clean while on the go and giving you extra space to store travel essentials and maybe even some toys.