Spotlight On Patient Safety - Big Names Speak Out At The Patient Safety Summit

Patient safety is finally receiving the notice it deserves. At last month's Patient Safety Summit in Irvine, CA, big names including Bill Clinton and Joe Bidden spoke to increase awareness on issues that effect our healthcare system today and the need for better measures to prevent spreadable infections.

Up until now, our health care system...hasn't sufficiently linked quality with safety, the Vice President said.

Many Americans today are afraid to enter a hospital, and it is up to the healthcare industry to address both the real and perceived fears associated with hospitalization. The Patient Safety Movement, has the goal of "zero preventable deaths by 2020". Yes!

Vice President Joe Biden addressed the fact that traditional methods of caring are not keeping many patients safe. Up until now, our health care system in my humble opinion hasn't sufficiently linked quality with safety, the Vice President said. Measures to ensure safe care need to be provided consistently.

Consistency is the key. We know the best way to prevent infections is hand hygiene. This means hand hygiene for healthcare workers, patients and their families. Hospital acquired conditions are safety problems. Safety needs to be made a priority so that patients can feel and be safe in our hospitals.

To your health!

Kathy, RN