What Expecting Moms Need in their Hospital Bag

As a new mom, you may have read lists upon lists of what to pack in your hospital bag as you prepare for your due date. Consumed by bringing your newborn back in the perfect layette, you may forget to bring yourself some health and beauty essentials to make your hospital stay a bit more comfortable.

Fitsi Health is the perfect hospital-bag-essential. Fitsi Health's patented design fits on a hospital bed giving you easy-access to must-have items during your hospital stay such as hand sanitizer and chap stick. Wanting to share the big news with friends and family? Fitsi Health holds your cell phone within arm's reach.

Designed by a nurse, Fitsi Health's patient-centered design puts moms-to-be a little more at ease during their stay. For many moms-to-be, the birth of their first child is very often the first time they will have been admitted to a hospital. By containing a few simple items conveniently on one's hospital bed like hand sanitizer, eye-glasses, cell phone, a comb, moisturizer and a toothbrush, every mother-to-be can feel better about having their essentials close at hand.

After your hospital stay, Fitsi's flat bottom design sits perfectly on a changing table to store diaper rash cream, sanitizer, body oils and lotions and any other baby essentials.