FDA Warns Against Triclosan

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recently stated soap and water are preferable to antibacterial liquid products for everyday use. This is an important issue for consumers. One of the problems with liquid antibacterial soaps is that many contain triclosan and animal studies have shown that triclosan may affect how our hormones work and impact antibiotic resistance.

The safety of products with triclosan is in question. Triclosan is in a large variety of products, many of which are used in healthcare.

When Fitsi Health was making manufacturing decisions the goal was to make Fitsi® as durable as possible. The decision was made to include an antibacterial agent into the plastic we used to make the injection molded bedside caddy. Some people recommended triclosan since it is already used in a variety of healthcare products. But, just as the FDA stated, studies found that hormones and antibiotic resistance may be influenced by triclosan.

As a result, Fitsi Health decided not to use triclosan when making Fitsi® even though it would have been our cheapest option. Instead, Fitsi is imbedded with MicroBlok S. MicroBlok S is a silver ion with a high antimicrobial efficiency that protects Fitsi from staining and deterioration. 

Making a product has many dimensions and decisions. Fitsi Health is happy to have made the decision to use MicroBlok S and not use triclosan. Safety is always first!

- Kathy Puri, MSN, RN